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This is Me

Hiya! First blog post means introduction, right? Well then, let's get to it.

I'm Michelle Robinson— second youngest of 13 kids, (yes, you read that right. 13) born and raised in Oklahoma, and have one, great, big extended family who all live relatively close by. As you can imagine, this means lots of food, fun, and frazzled filled celebrations throughout the year.

One of my most prominent gifts my mom gave me (other than life, obviously) is her short genes. Measuring at a proud 5'3", you can bet I hold that one inch over my mother (literally) that makes me just barely taller than her. But, on a more serious note, what my mother lacks in height, she makes up for tenfold in her love, support, wisdom, and endurance. You can bet I hope to be just half of how great of a mother she is to me someday.

Talking about gifts, I'm not sure where this one came from, or if my family and friends would even consider it a gift, but I like to think I have a knack for puns. Unsure of where the fascination with puns originated, I can't tell you for sure why I make them, but I can say I thoroughly enjoy spitting out as many as I can in a conversation and waiting for people to give me the trademarked look, "Really, Michelle? That was a bit of a stretch." Call it "the lowest form of wit" all you like as one day, you may just find you are being punished for believing in such a ridiculous and untrue belief and then, hopefully, you will have an appreciation for the art.

My family is imperative to me. From my parents, to my littlest nieces and nephews (my little niece Felicity is pictured above) they make my days the brightest and most joyous. Let it be known, though, that as any family of many siblings, we have our differences (especially when they don't acknowledge my well thought out puns) and while it can be hard to get everyone to get along all at the same time, the camaraderie that is so truly present when things count is undeniable for us siblings. One major highlight of having a dozen siblings is the plethora of niblings. Be it the best Hide-and-Seek game you have ever played, the giggles you get from Peek-A-Boo with an infant, or the endless supply of willing models to sit (or run. or jump. or dance) in front of your camera, I love the quality time of each and every one of them.

And that leads me to why *drum roll* my passion for photography is family centered. Growing up, I've learned that life goes by 100mph and, if you don't have a camera with a shutter speed that can keep up with it, one day, you are going to turn around and ask, "Where are the images of us laughing uncontrollably at Michelle's puns? Where are the family portraits before we all became taller than Mom? Where are the photos of all of the boys together before they moved away?" Those questions are going to be asked, and optimally, I hope the answer is, "They are in the box in the hall closet with all of the other 1000s of photos we have. I'll grab them so we can pour over the memories." and not, "We didn't take the time to stop. capture. and remember when the moments where happening." For that reason, I photograph all of those fleeting moments from the time Felicity was born, to when she graduates high school, to when she is getting married, and I'll hopefully do it all over again for her children.

This is me. You now know my passion, my love for my family, my obsession with pun making, and my hope for your family. I'm messy— my family isn't perfect and I am so bad at getting up and at'em to my first alarm it's embarrassing, but, this is who is behind the camera. I want to capture your family, who, I can bet, isn't perfect either, but loves each other perfectly.

Adios, mi amigos!


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