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  • Michelle Robinson

Myriad Gardens Family Session

After three years of fall timed family sessions, Bryan and Diane decided to change up their family photos this year for a more "summery setting" and boy oh boy was I excited for this! I love fall, but this session had me at flowered dresses and beautiful 65º weather. We had been talking about this session for weeks and the day had finally arrived! We were all so ready to get this show on the road when it started raining. Not full on rain that would have been a clear sign to reschedule, but the drizzly type that is just enough to make anyone's perfectly done hair become frizzy. We stepped out of the car and just prayed the hair would behave itself and, fortunately, it did! Diane looked beautiful. The girls were so sweet in their summer frocks and Bryan was a game player the whole day. This family did not let the overcast day dictate their sunny dispositions. If you wanted to find a family to fill a magazine's pages with love, encouragement, patience, and hugs, you could stop your search at the Bryan Robinson household. These three little girls don't only hold hands in pictures, but hold hands off camera, too. They admire their daddy as much as their eyes and hearts can convey and mama is just about the best thing that has ever happened to them, and they know it. Their love just kind of rubs off on you and I can feel that each time I look through their photos.

Diane, your family is one of my favorites. I can't wait for next year's photos!

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