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  • Michelle Robinson

Holy Family Cathedral Wedding, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated: May 1, 2019

Everyone's chairs turned toward the dance floor as the new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Alexander, readily took off their shoes and sat back to back. A family friend enthusiastically asked questions to discover which of the newlyweds knew each other better. "Who is more stubborn?" "Who has the cleanest car?" "Who was more nervous for the big day?" were quickly rattled off. Of course, the guests, the family and friends, were eager for the couple to disagree with each other, but the two were lock, stock, and barrel in tune with the other and answered *almost* every question the same way. Laughter echoed through the Northeastern State University banquet hall and the new couple's smiles were contagious.

The calmness that seemed to blanket the Cathedral that morning was all due to Bessie and Carl's preparation for this day. These two were ready to start their life together. The beautifully planned wedding details aside (including the stitched Latin message inside the groom's navy jacket), they were truly focused on starting their marriage off how it has always been intended— with God.

Carl and Bessie, I cannot thank you enough for trusting me with the absolute pleasure of capturing your day! Your joy and happiness overflowed to me, to your guests, to your dearest friends. I know it will continue to so as you embark on this new life.

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