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  • Michelle Robinson

A Joyful Christmas Catholic Wedding, Briar Rose Place | Oklahoma City, OK | Virginia + Will

Something always happens on a wedding day that causes me to smile a little bigger. It's never a posed moment, nor a planned event. More often, it is a quick interaction, a little detail, or a spontaneous laugh that makes me stop and realize how lovely a wedding day is. Virginia and Will's day was full of these innocent moments. As I walked into the home of Virginia's in-laws on this December morning, I couldn't help but smile at the perfect Christmas decor that naturally tied in to the day Virginia had planned. My eyes went from the little Christmas trees on top of some furniture to noticing the dainty teacups Virginia and her sister were sipping out of in-between makeup application. Between conversations, a mixture of Christmas and Irish music filled the room and all details worked together to create the perfect morning for Virginia. I worked away on detail shots so content to listen and just be a part of these preparations for the big day!

From the little details in the morning to the breathtaking music at mass and the sparking lights filling every tree branch at the lovely Rose Briar Place, the day could not have been filled with more beauty, peace, and joy. Every person was there to truly support and love the couple and the whole party was thrilled they were married! I grinned a bit more when the siblings jumped onto the dance floor, one sibling with his arms full with his two precious little kiddos. I laughed a little harder at the speeches made by siblings when they told secrets and poked fun at the bride and groom. I smiled a little bigger when Virginia's dad and Will's mom held their kids tight during their dances. It truly was such a day of goodness and I'm still so grateful I was able to be a small part of it all. Virginia and Will, congratulations!! If the first day of your lives together represents the life to come, you will experience one of abundant goodness. You are blessed with some of the best family someone could ask for, a faith of immense joy, and each other's incredible love. I cannot wait for you to see some of my very favorite photos from your day, so keep scrolling!

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