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  • Michelle Robinson

A Springtime, Quarantine Time Picnic

My home sits on a hundred-acre wood where the only social distancing friend might have been Winnie the Pooh. That is until my brother's family decided to spend quarantine time together so we all wouldn't go crazy. This means more family time, baking time (honestly, that just means more eating time for me...) and picnicking.

The Oklahoma weather is anything but predictable. Fortunately, though, we have been blessed with sunny 60º weather so as to enjoy sweet lemonade underneath the flowering Dogwoods. I've always been grateful for my out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere home, but it is right about now that I feel extra blessed to be able to spend the afternoon dipping crackers in cream cheese with my buddies. These girls are the sweetest—always willing to do their part, take our teasing, and they make loving them so easy. My favorite time of quarantine as been when the two littlest rush to take the spots by me at dinnertime.

So, when life rolls lemons to you from six feet away, make some sweet lemonade and enjoy on a checkered picnic blanket.

P.S. No sighting of Winnie the Pooh and Co., but we haven't lost hope, yet.

And, so, when life gets crazy: hug a little tighter, laugh a little harder, and try to stay upright—even if the love of your siblings knocks you off your feet.

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