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  • Michelle Robinson

April Wedding, Most Precious Blood Parish, Tulsa, OK | Gabrielle and Nathan

The day started cold and overcast and really not at all what you would want when you plan a spring wedding. However, it ended with sunshine!! I'm pretty sure the sun had to come out because it was feeling threatened by how much their 'I'm married!" smiles were lighting up the day.

Even though it started out cold, the day could not have been more beautiful! From the colors to the music at the ceremony, it was a day full of love and peace. My favorite part? The fact that Gabrielle wore her grandmother's dress as did Gabrielle's mother before her. Her grandmother made it for her own wedding day and I loved to study the details she added. You can see her personality and eye for detail in this dress, even three generations later. It was so special to be able to bring such an important part of their family past into their present, and on a day that began their future.

Gabrielle and Nathan, I am so excited for you both! Your humor, laughter, and joy were contagious and I have no doubt that same joy will sustain you in your life. Thank you for letting me be a part of this family-filled day. I have been enjoying scrolling through my favorite images from your day, and I'm so pleased to be able to share them with you now on the blog!

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