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  • Michelle Robinson

Beautiful Fall Gilcrease Museum Engagement Shoot | Tulsa, OK | Clara + Ryan

Meet Clara and Ryan—college sweethearts turned fiancés. While they may have met under the warmth of the Florida sunshine, they both now live in Oklahoma. And, may I just say, thank goodness they do because look at these fall colors that showed up for their engagement shoot! Sorry, Florida. Oklahoma has this one on you. It just can't get better than crisp fall air paired with the sprinkled sunlight shining through golden leaves. Plus, the pond at the Gilcrease Museum reflected these vibrant fall colors perfectly— you'll want to scroll to see how beautiful these images turned out! ⬇️) Usually, people need a few minutes to warm up at the start of a photo session, just a few minutes to ease into picture taking, a few moments to figure out what "normal" is and how to be themselves. Ryan and Clara? Immediately fell into place with the best laughter and joy! From the first pose to the last few minutes of our time together, it was filled with laughter and good humor and made each moment seamless and natural in front of the camera. I would imagine this joy won both of them over for the other. That is, that must have happened after she noticed him reading Aristotle's Ethics in the library. That's right. The girl fell for the smart boy in the library—that is when he first caught her eye. She noticed him reading while on a date with someone else and, well, the rest is history. Whether it was the Aristotle or the chocolate muffin he bought her later that sealed the deal, I don't know. But what I do know is that these two are kindred spirits by what I have seen. The harmony, love, patience, and delight are abundant between them. Clara and Ryan, I cannot wait for your wedding next spring! If it will be anything like our time together at the Gilcrease Museum for these pictures, then I'm already celebrating. I hope you love these favorites as much as I do.

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