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  • Michelle Robinson

Beautiful Summer Family Session, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

While this Oklahoma humidity can't compete with the lovely, perfect weather in Colorado, we made the absolute most of our time while my brother's family was home to visit after their recent move to CO. If the charming smiles and precious curls don't already convince you these girls are the best, let me tell you: they are, in fact, the best. Those light-up-any-room smiles they 100% get from their mama and the giggles and fun-playing games they have developed from their sweet play with Daddy. And, I think it's needless to say, the good looks they get from both parents (I mean, right? that's obvious...I'm not bias at all). Year after year, we make the time to take family pictures and not only does it do my auntie heart good, but also serves as a great reminder that time goes by FAST. Infants turn into toddlers, toddlers into young kiddos, and love deepen and grows (and it holds on fast to a stuffed bunny named Poppy). How special it is to get a front row seat to watch this family grow and learn together.

Bryan and Diane, I love your family and cannot wait for next year. I'm already missing having you all in front of my camera. Enjoy some of my very favorites from this year.

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