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  • Michelle Robinson

Downtown Oklahoma City, Winter Senior Session

I don't always wake up at the crack of dawn, bundle myself with every piece of warm clothing I brought to my grandparents house, and get a hot caramel macchiato (instead of my preferred iced) on a very cold Sunday morning, but when I do, it. is. so. worth. it. Gavin, my childhood is touched with memories of you and your siblings. I really don't know how we are old enough for me to be taking your senior photos, or how it is possible to discuss your college choices. But somehow time has marched on: you have accomplished feats, become Drum Major of your school's marching band, and will continue to accomplish great things! James would be so proud of you. Thank you for trusting me with this honor, for putting up with my ignorant clarinet questions (seriously, though, how are they tuned?), and enduring the absolute freezing winter wind (those tall downtown buildings didn't do a lot for us, did they?) for these photos.

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