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  • Michelle Robinson

Downtown Tulsa, OK | Couple's Photo Session

Meet Kristin and Drew. Kristin is a childhood friend, confidant, co-worker, world-travel buddy, and fellow jokester. Drew? Well, he is the guy whom now I have to compete with for her time and attention, but I'm not totally mad about that. He's a great guy, and one I wouldn't mind having stick around.

Kristin and I both were sent home from our school in Austria in March at the start of the pandemic and found ourselves finishing the semester via online classes, as did most of the world's students. Since then, we have been talking and planning to do a fun couple's photo sesh and it only took us until August to coordinate our lives enough to do it. But, the best things are worth the wait, right? 100%. This night was. an. absolutely. blast.

Fun fact: Drew actually lived in the same town as Kristin and I years ago for a short period of time, but just now found his life meeting hers again with some pretty perfect timing. Turns out, the whole quarantine thing is pretty good at two things: keeping people apart, or bringing them together. I'm just glad it was the latter one for you two!

Please enjoy some of my very favorites from our time together in the summer heat!

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Sep 15, 2020

Wow! Michelle, these are incredible! We both were so impressed with how you were able to direct us with such grace and skill…who knew a photo shoot could be so much fun! And we look guuuuuuuud. 😉 Thank you so much!

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