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  • Michelle Robinson

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma High School Senior

Meet Phoebe: high school senior, artist, and definitely a beauty.

You may recognize her from last summer's family minis blog post when I was able to meet and serve my coworker's family in the hot summer weather. This time around? February surprised us with beautiful 65º sunshine.

Phoebe, your eagerness to be ready for the ritzy downtown streets of Tulsa and the back-alley wall murals made for one fantastic day. Your smile made my job so easy and the confidence and grace you so obviously have made. the. pictures. You just fit in the downtown scene.

Thank you for trusting me with the honor of taking your senior photos! Your last semester will likely feel longer than most, but that always happens when something so exciting is just around the corner. My hope is that receiving these photos makes the reality of your hard work feel a bit more real and helps get you through the next few months.

Congratulations, girl! Keep up that gorgeous smile.

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