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Elegant June Wedding, Notre Dame Parish | Chippewa Falls, WI | Clare and Matthew

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I met Clare and Matthew almost exactly a year ago. I had gone to visit my dear friend from college who brought Clare to the airport with her when she picked me up. From that moment, Clare struck me with such charm, calmness, and humor. I was thrilled when she became engaged a few months later, and was ecstatic when she asked me to shoot her wedding in the beautiful land of Wisconsin. And, let me tell you, her Notre Dame wedding in Chippewa Falls was just as beautiful and peaceful as the bride herself.

Every part of the day had something incredibly special and unique to the couple— Clare spent the morning with her ladies getting ready at her family's beautiful country property. Driving down those roads, I was so struck by the whole landscape and some of my favorite images came from their stunning field right next to their house.

What really stole my heart, though, was the sweetest relationship between Clare and her grandfather. Being both her grandfather and godparent, he bought Clare a necklace and earrings to wear for her special day. According to Clare, he wouldn't do it for just any grandchild— just her. This touching act was followed later in the night by Clare's brother, John, reading aloud a letter her grandfather had written for Clare. There is always at least one moment during a wedding that I tear up, and this was it for me.

Another moment that blew me away? Matthew is quite the accomplished musician and composer. He wrote the music for the mass. As a present for Clare! Talk about romantic! My breath was taken away when the choir sung Matthew's Kyrie. I carefully watched Clare's face as the sound filled the air and she soaked in every note, harmony, and word all with the best smile. I just have to imagine that those moments that his carefully crafted art filled the large church are firmly etched into their hearts. I know they are in mine.

Clare and Matthew, thank you! Thank you for inviting me in to this special day. It was my greatest pleasure and joy to watch you start your life together, surrounded by the most supportive family and friends. Please enjoy just a few of my many favorites from your lovely day!

Look at this VIEW!! Photographer dreams right here.

The best laugh!

Another special moment. Right after they processed out, they sung their hearts out to the last hymn. These two sisters held hands as they joyfully praised the Lord. It just made me so happy!

Clare, you are STUNNING

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