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  • Michelle Robinson

Gathering Place and Woodward Park, Tulsa, OK | Engagement Session

The first time I saw Kathleen and Chris together was at an event last year. She brought him to a church event, but when I asked her if they were dating, she assured me, "Nope. I thought about it, but that isn't going to happen." (the epitome of a girl's response, right?) That same annual event is occurring this coming Saturday and now she's coming with a ring on her finger and Chris as her fiancé. So, yes, that did indeed happen, Kathleen.

Kathleen and Chris's session was such a joy. Chris brought up such a giddy laugh and a sweet confidence in Kathleen.From beginning to end, they worked as a team and listened to my many "Oh! Just one more, the light is perfect" pleas when really, it was never just one more.

Besides the joy from the session, I can't decide if my favorite thing about it is that beautiful red hair, the unique blue Claddagh engagement ring, or the fact that we ended up having a beautiful sunset glow from what started as a cloud-filled evening. But all I know is that somehow it all worked together in a seamless way that created one of my favorite galleries of the year—even though that heat gave it a run for its money.

Kathleen and Chris, I hope you e n j o y this season of life! The thrill of wedding planning I am sure is exciting, but don't forget to simply stop and be in this season, to find happiness and love now, without it depending on future celebrations. This time is unique, and I hope it is the absolute best for you!

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