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  • Michelle Robinson

Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK | Family Session

Meet the Guzmans! A family with great genes, wonderful kiddos, and such joy.

While they lived close to me for a few years, I actually wasn't able to spend as much time with them, or formally meet them even, until our photo session. I honestly had such a blast during our time together, though! I feel like we fell into place seamlessly, and I made friends with all the kiddos (including the very beloved "Heggie" toy who kept me company in my pocket and helped to get me in with the in-crowd).

It truly was so sweet to watch this family and be apart of the dynamic for a bit. The sibling love is strong in this household. They get along so well and clearly love being together. Gianna and Sophia would give each other the sweetest hugs (please keep scrolling to see, because they're my fave!). And the boys treated their sisters so well— like little gentlemen.

Sam and Laura, thank you! It is so clear that you have put time, love, and faith into your family. Thank you for allowing me the chance to take over grandpa's job this year and photography you all in the beautiful Oklahoma foliage. It was an absolute joy to get to know you and befriend your wonderful family. I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks as much as I do!

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