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  • Michelle Robinson

July Engagement Shoot | Edmond, Oklahoma | Virginia + Will

Oklahoma heat, who? It might have been scorching hot, but that didn't stop Virginia and Will from absolutely nailing their engagement session!

I loved everything about our time together. It was filled with warm sunlight, joy, and meaning. The Patriarch is where it all started for Virginia and Will— their catholic group hangout spot turned first date location. I loved the uniqueness this brought to the pictures and the opportunity it gave to show off something special. And! Major shoutout to Will for the great idea of picking The Patriarch as our photo spot. It's not often the men have the inspired idea of the location, so I was thoroughly impressed. (Virginia, you found yourself a good one!)

After we toured the whole grounds of the pub, we ventured down on different parts of Broadway and surrounding areas. Can I just say, how cute is downtown Edmond? It's charming. It was my first time spending time in the area and I love it! Someone take me back soon.

This session made me so excited for their December wedding! What a change—we will be trading in the heat of the summer for the chilliness of winter, but honestly, that sounds pretty nice right about now. They both are easy-going, funny, and definitely meant for each other. And goes without saying how photogenic, am I right or am I right? I'm starting to count down the days until we can do this all agai but adding in their best people as the bridal party. December can't come soon enough! Ginny and Will, thank you so so much! You guys are amazing and made my job so. stinking. easy. Your joy and happiness came through like none other and I just can't imagine how much more that will be seen when that aisle moment happens.

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