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  • Michelle Robinson

Photographer Session at Utica Square and Woodward Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Talbots' red doors were the meeting spot for the day. Camera bag over my arm, I walked up to one girl who was standing by the store and asked, "Are you one my people?" Yep. I said that. I had never met this woman before but had no issue asking if she was one of my people. The funniest thing? She answered in the affirmative.

Now, why on earth would I assume to call this person whom I have never met one of my people as if she was a cousin? Well, the answer is easy. Because this community of photographers that have welcomed me make everyone their people. We are all a team— stranger or best friend aside. A person's experience and skill level doesn't matter. These photographers truly value community over competition and that shines through enough to ask a total stranger if they are one of yours as if that is a completely normal question.

And thus the day of a photographer meet up began! Four ladies who are all about "soft even light" and "white walls" set off to fill our creative outlets with each other. I have done these a few times before and they are always. the. best. So, meet a few beautiful faces and wonderfully talented photographers below to receive a glimpse of how photographers spend a free afternoon.

She spells her name with only one H, has some amazing blonde curly hair, and a warm, helpful personality. These are all in addition to her beautiful photography that just stuns me every time.

Sarah is the mama to two little boys and has such gorgeous long hair. I met her for the first time last Saturday and I'm so excited to continue to get to know her and see her work!

I'm not sure where to being with Amanda. She not only has the best smile, but she has been incredible instrumental in my photography journey. Her patience, belief, encouragement, and support have SO impactful for me and I cannot thank her enough.

Annnnnd that wraps it up! If their smiles and obvious joy don't already convince you they are wonderful people, head over to their link Instagrams and enjoy their work!

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