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  • Michelle Robinson

Sunny & Windy Maternity Session, Bentonville, Arkansas

April 27th, 2019: These two were married! April 29th, 2020: They were back in front of my camera, just days away from welcoming their first little one into the world!

While you can't tell in the images, in most of these we are standing in inches of mud from the storms that roll around this time of year. (April showers bring May flowers, right? Or in this case, a new little baby!) But, you two were champs! You risked the white heels and dress shoes on my promise that "It will be worth it!" You trusted your shoes and the hems of your clothes to me in the hopes that you wouldn't regret it, and I hope you see that it. was. so. worth. it. Mud washes out. Your baby will never look in his baby album and find traces of mud, but he will see two people who were so joyfully awaiting his arrival.

Thank you both for trusting me to document this time! I loved your wedding, but I loved now more seeing you both become parents even more. I cannot wait to meet your new little boy! (Born just four days after these photos!)

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