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  • Michelle Robinson

Utica Square and Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK | Gabrielle and Nathan's Engagement

Meet Gabrielle and Nathan. Two history-buffs who met through church, but stayed around each other due to their mutual interests. And, I think it is safe to say that their sense of humor didn't hurt in the cause in their relationship.

Nathan brought out such a smile and joy from Gabrielle our entire time together. There is something so sweet in watching a girl be brought to such sweet laughs by her guy's jokes, and in turn his face smirking with pride and happiness knowing he is able to give that to her. These two were nothing but smiles and good humor, and I have a suspicion it is due to a rooted love that allows them to know each other on a basis that makes every joke funny and bring them to such peace.

Wedding month is here for these two and I am counting down the days! Gabrielle, I am so happy Nathan was able to talk you into that date to Turner Falls so you could come home with that ring on your finger (such a good belated birthday present!). It is clear that that day was supposed to happen so that April 17th could be your wedding day!

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