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The Wedding Collection

Why weddings?
I come from a big family. This means that we have lots of weddings, and it is also means its one of the few days we are all able to gather under one roof to celebrate an event.

This means that weddings are important. The memories, the moments of celebration, the family photos. Most importantly, they mean the start of a new family.A new home. A new Mr. and Mrs. 

Few things are as beautiful as the celebration of marriage. And I love being able to document the whole day— from the details to formal Husband and Wife portraits and the party afterwards! 
It's finally your turn! It's your time to make every detail perfect for the day that begins your marriage. You have been planning and prepping, but most importantly, enjoying this season! 
When it comes to the big day, every detail, emotion, tear, laugh counts and makes up the whole event!

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Hear from the Bride

It was a joy getting to work with you Michelle. You truly made our wedding day an experience that reflected the importance of it.... I had several comments from family and friends about how reverent, respectful, and professional the photographer was. More than anything, we appreciated your ability to blend right in with a respectful manner. 
Overall, working with you brought so much joy to our wedding day. It wasn’t awkward having to pose for a stranger because you treated us like friends
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