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I'm Michelle



1. I am one of thirteen children. 

2. I'm likely wearing something floral or a dress. Ninety-percent chance it's a floral dress. 
3. Waffle fries. 

4. Three words: Austria, studying, abroad. Fall 2019 was one for the books (literally).

5. Hollywood Golden Age musicals and Broadway. Can't be beat. 

6. Favorite nickname has to be "Auntie Meechelle" given to me by my nieces. It makes my heart happy. 

7. While I love having read a book, it takes me far too long to finish one. 


Let's chat!


Want to book? Tell me a little bit about yourself! What type of session are you interested in? Do you have any favorite places you want to include in the photos? 

And it's off! You will hear from me shortly.

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