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  • Michelle Robinson

A Spring Day Engagement Session | Downtown Oklahoma City | Trinity + Noah

A sweet meet-through-the-church-circle kind of story.

A blossoming-through-family-time-and-parish-activities romance.

A contagious joy and vibrant happiness kind of love.

Meet Trinity and Noah! One sweet couple who is overflowing with goodness, good humor, gratefulness, and joy!

Our time in Oklahoma City was blessed by the most glorious day. Little can you tell in the photos that we ditched our planned location at the very last second due to huge crowds and no parking, and instead spent our time in the *best* little corner of a downtown street. But, hey, you go where the light goes and be incredibly grateful that glimmering light isn't just allowed to be in packed parks.

After we took advantage of the lovely light and location (perhaps a "no smoking" sign was moved -and put back!- all for the cause) we did brave the crowds and head back to the original place we had picked, and boy howdy, you would have never known that for every tulip in the park there was another photographer taking pictures of their own people! But that's the amazing thing you can do with couples we are up for anything-- you can make it look like no one else is around with a little bit of patience, creativity, rock climbing, and joy.

Trinity and Noah, thank you for trusting me with such a special job as taking your engagement photos! I hope they represent the goodness of your love and the exciting time that this moment of life is! You both are truly blessed by one another and I pray that you are always reminded of God's grace through your journey together. Let's get you both married!!

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