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  • Michelle Robinson

Grand Cathedral Winter Wedding, Holy Family Cathedral | Tulsa, OK | Marie and Zac

Marie and Zac— the classiest looking couple you have ever seen! Am I right, or am I right?? While I have known Marie and her family for many years, I first met Zac over a phone conversation back in May of 2021. While my family was enjoying our favorite Mexican restaurant, I stepped out to talk with Zac and learn all about his plans to ask Marie to marry him! I was so excited to be asked to photograph the big moment. With the help of Marie's friend, Amanda, we worked to perfectly surprise Marie with the sweetest proposal.

So, talk about a wonderful wedding day! It was so special for me to have been there at the beginning of their engagement season to see it come to an end at the altar on this day in December.

From the moment I saw the two of them together during their first touch, I could sense how incredibly excited and ready they were for this day. I was so struck by both the humor and peace they had during their first touch. No crazy jitters. No screams of "ah are we're doing this!?" But instead, it appeared to me like it was a normal day for them. A day where they were completely at home in each other's company. At home to make all the jokes. At home to pray together. At home and ready to be with each other forever.

After the "I dos," the Mike Fretz Event Center was dolled up to be the perfect party place for the couple. Anyone who knows anything about Marie's family knows that they are the best game players, the greatest teammates, and always down for a good time. The reception did not disappoint! Everyone was out on the dance floor or enjoying one of the many unique festivities that was planned to make Marie and Zac's day truly their own. While the typical wedding reception events happened like normal, the very best parts were the ones that were distinctively done for the sake of this exact couple and their families.

And, while all of these moments made me stop and think "What a truly good day!" my very favorites happened during the dances. The joyful dance of the bride and groom was followed by the dances celebrating beautiful relationships between father and daughter and mother and son. Those instances allowed me a second to peer into these families and get to know a small glimpse of who they are. And, I just cannot help but feel how special that is. That I get to witness such tender moments with every couple I serve on such an important day of their life. Marie and Zac, I hope these photos remind you of what a joyful day you had! It was filled from beginning to end with love, joy, family, and love— all elements I hope will fill every day of your life together.

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