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One Year Ago - Our Proposal

The days draaaaagggeeedd by last year for me. Each day not engaged to my best friend seemed to somehow purposefully go by agonizingly slowly. Like they knew somehow? I laugh now at the most impatient version of myself I have EVER seen. That girl just needed to chill - ha!

Little did 18th of March Michelle know last year that March 19 with be the. day. baby!

Let's journey back a bit, shall we?

March 11, 2022: Peter and I started a nine-day novena to St. Joseph—asking for his intercession and guidance in our relationship.

March 18, 2022: Peter "leaves" for his planned weekend away retreat, where he would have his phone completely turned off and be unreachable. I called him after work on his "drive" to the retreat center, prayed our novena together over the phone, then told him goodbye as he "was walking up to the door."

I made my way home with plans to go to my brother-in-law's shop that evening to finish working on refinishing a piece of furniture. That is until my sisters caught wind of it who went to problem solving mode. Apparently, Peter was not at this retreat, but instead he was in Joe’s shop making what would be the most perfect proposal backdrop ❤️ So, I stayed home and won a game of scrabble again my niece and sister—not a bad backup plan. St. Joseph's Feast Day, March 19, 2022: Ready for some irony? This Saturday morning was an easy, slow morning before my planned lunch date with my friend, Kristin. I spent this morning writing a letter to Peter explaining how I had finally learned patience and it truly is okay if we don’t get engaged soon—I understand! I’m at peace. I am A-okay. Ha! Jokes on me. While I was writing this, he was busy getting the day of our amazing proposal ready!! Fast forward a keep-Michelle-preoccupied-disguised-as-a-lunch-date-plan later, I was headed home - thinking about Peter, how his retreat was going, excited to hear all about it. That all QUICKLY changed when I turned the corner into my mom’s long, rocky, hill half a mile driveway.

I knew instantly and tears started. My favorite dress hanging. Makeup and perfume ready to go.

Jewelry ready to be donned. A changing station.

The rest, well, you can see through these stunning photos my dear photographer friend Dennah captured—She drove three hours with her husband to come document our favorite day and wowwowow she outdid herself.

My heart is still bursting one year later.

AHH my handsome guy.

Featuring: A big fat tire mark that I managed to get on my car the week before this day. Now forever documented. 😂

The amount of tender thoughtfulness and detail that was put into this day... wow.

At this point my excitement was BOUNCING and I could not get this thing to move😂. Thank goodness for a level headed photographer asking if I took the brake off. I was about 0.05 seconds away from just running down the road to him. Heels and all.

Three stations with flowers and sweet handwritten notes were waiting for me along the way.


Major shoutout to my sister who absolutely blew us away with these flowers.

See this amazing arch and lanterns? THESE are what Peter was working on with Joe the night before.

I need you to now play Restless Road's "Growing Old with You" as you continue since this touching song started to play as I made the last leg of my journey to Peter's arms.

The. Best. Moment. I could not wait to get to him.

💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 That's all I have to say about this moment. Just...💕

Fun fact: I almost caught my sister and niece making these earlier in the day. 😂

One year later, we are married (!!!) and I now wear a wedding ring under these gorgeous diamonds (which Peter picked out completely on his own and entirely amazed me!).

I am so full of gratitude and love and peace. I really do get a big kick thinking back to my immense impatience for this life 365 days ago. I'm still learning to cultivate patience. Peter can attest to this - ha!

This proposal was sweet, and engagement season sweeter, but this married life is blessed.

I love you, Peter John. Thank you for wife-ing me up. 😘

St. Joseph, thank you.

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