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  • Michelle Robinson

Spring Wedding, Jenks Bible Church | Jenks, OK. | Nivelle and Tate

Would you ever believe that it was snowing on their wedding day? No joke. Oklahoma never gets snow in April and, lo and behold, Nivelle and Tate's day was started with snow flurries but ended with sparkling sunshine. While it might look all warm and springtime-y, Nivelle was a trooper to stay outside in the cold wind and hang out with me pictures!

Tate's father quoted 10-year-old Tate during the wedding ceremony, telling us that Tate had written down three things he wanted in his future spouse: 1) That she would cook for him and do all the housework, 2) that she would want to homeschool the children, 3) play monopoly with him. While I might imagine that list would be a bit different now, it made everyone in the room laugh and enjoy the bride before him even more. While Nivelle might not be so eager to do all the housework, I am betting that she plays a great monopoly game.

Both the bride and groom were the first children on both sides of the family to get married. The first ones to set wedding traditions and experience all the firsts. Looking back, I think their siblings have a beautiful example to turn towards as they eventually prepare their own. The whole day was beautiful and calm, and full of laughter and family. I loved being able to be a fly on the wall and enjoy the day alongside them.

Tate and Nivelle, thank you for braving that Oklahoma wind with me and letting me "just one more" before heading inside! I hope you love how they turned out as much as I do. Tate, I think you may have won monopoly with this girl.

How. SWEET. His ring with her name made me audibly "Aww" when taking this.

First look with dad. So sweet!

Every girl in Tate's family wears these beautifully simply silver bracelets—a tradition lasting multiple generations! And she was no exception to this.

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