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  • Michelle Robinson

Summer Picnic | A Cousins' Tea Party

There might not be anything sweeter to watch than your siblings' children growing up together. Their houses are often filled with toy kitchen spoons and well-loved princess dresses for them to share and look forward to. These girlies fall into play seamlessly and love each other's company.

They were so excited for their picnic. The land of make-believe turned the water into tea with the honest exclamations of "mmm, this tea is delicious!" being shared by one and all. The delicate pouring of "cream" and the careful cheers between cups resulted in excitement. I just stood by and took pictures of some memories and tea-partying.

Being the auntie with the camera might be my favorite job I have ever had. They know all the tricks I've taught them and ask if they can take pictures "like they did last time" with their ankles crossed and laughing. So, yes, siblings: anytime you need pictures of your beautiful children, Auntie Meechellie is always more than happy.

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